Church Planting

Reach All Nations Churches

Jesus said I will build my church. At RAN we recognize sovereignty and authority of Christ in the building of His church. He is continuing to call people unto himself in India and beyond to reach the lost. One of the more dangerous challenges the church is facing in this region is the spread of false teachings, such as the prosperity gospel. Therefore, it is our passion to plant indigenous healthy biblical churches by training, sending, and supporting national missionaries. Since RAN’s beginning 123 churches have been planted in various parts of India and Nepal. We stay connected with the pastors of these churches on a regular basis and continue to train and mentor them over the years as they grow.

National Missionary Support

RAN receives students from various parts of India for receiving theological education. Upon the completion of the training, they go back to their own communities. In collaboration with their local churches they are placed in the mission field for church planting work. While they are in the field we support them in two ways. Helping them with monthly financial gift until they are self-supported and providing ongoing biblical training in the field. Once a month we meet with them for a full day of prayer, fellowship, and teaching. We do this until the fledgling church is fully launched. A gift of $125 can fully support a new church planter’s family for a month.

Tools for Missionaries

Often the national missionaries are limited by the lack of proper tools for ministry. RAN wants to help by providing right ministry tools for national missionaries to effectively accomplish their task of reaching he lost. Here is a list of the most essential tools needed in the Church planting work.


The word Ethne in Greek means ‘nations’ which refers to peoples and people groups. Ethne Institute is a highly specialized church-based training program to equip indigenous missionaries and church planters with a deep understanding of the scriptures, ecclesiology, theology, as well as cultural understanding, prior to planting a church in an unengaged people group in the 10/40 window.


Many RAN supported missionaries spend long and difficult hours walking from one village to another. With a bicycle, a national missionary can reach many more villages in a day. A strong bicycle can be a huge blessing for $125.

LCD Projector Kit

One of the most effective ways to share the Gospel with people in India and beyond is though the Jesus film. An LCD projector kit in the hand of a national missionary can be life transforming equipment. You can share this gift for $2,200!

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments come in handy for national missionary teams when they go to a village to do evangelism work. You can provide a drum for a missionary for $25 and tambourines for only $10 each.


National missionaries often use megaphones for their Gospel ministry on a regular basis. It helps the missionary to be heard up to a kilometer away while keeping his voice from going harsh. A gift of $120 can help purchase one megaphone.


National missionaries require generators to show the Jesus film in a village without electricity. They also use these generators for church meetings, church conventions and other meetings.You can help a missionary by giving a generator for only $2,250.

Children's Resources

Teaching Children about Jesus from their youth is very rewarding. Your gift of $10 can help national missionaries get the needed Gospel material for Sunday school children to hear the story of Jesus at least once in their life.

That His name be great among the nations - Malachi 1:11