Community Outreach

Our Motivation

Communicating the love of Christ to the suffering and needy in most practical and tangible way is the motivation of our Community outreach programs. And we do this in the various following ways.

Widows Help

There are more than 40 million widows in India. Most of these widows are seen as a burden to her relatives, often kicked out of her home and left to care for herself with little or no resources. Many are forced to beg or prostitute themselves as a means of survival. Widowhood is considered as a state of social death. We are determined to help them build a better life for themselves and their families. God hasn’t forgotten these women and children – and neither will we. Your gift of $30 can help improve their situation and truly can make huge difference.

Free Medical Camps

Through the generous contributions of the friends of RAN, we have hosted many free medical camps in various remote villages throughout Andhra Pradesh. We bring in volunteer physicians from national and international countries to people who may have never seen a professional doctor in their lives. Along with direct medical care we also provide free health kits. A gift of $25 can provide these health kits and help us bring medical aid to those in need. We are ministering to hundreds of people each year, all in the name of the Great Physician—Jesus Christ.

Disaster Relief Work

We serve victims of natural disasters, such as earthquakes, cyclones and floods. Some times these disasters can destroy homes, crops, and livelihoods in an instant, leaving poor families with very little or no hope for the future. We help the victims by providing emergency relief like food, clothing, clean water, shelter, and medical kits along with prayer and counseling. We bring help and practical solutions to get families back on their feet again. If you would like to learn more about ways you can support this ministry, please click HERE ( this link should lead to the general fund page)

Free Tuition Centers

Many of our RAN supported missionaries work with poor communities. RAN takes initiative to set up free after school tuition centers for the children in the local community to help with their school work. We also provide them with snacks and nutritious food. This gives us many opportunities to interact with the children and show them the love of Christ in the most practical ways. You can help one child with $15 a month. This helps cover the cost of one child’s study materials, snacks, and the cost of hiring a local tutor.

Living Water - Bore-well project

The goal of Living Waters well is to provide clean water. In many villages people fall sick because they do not have access to the clean water. And in some villages women have to walk for miles together to fetch clean water for their families. One bore-well can provide water for an entire village of 500 families. And this can last for more than 20 years. This life-giving water literally saves people from diseases and death while showing people the love of Jesus. One time donation of $1500 can provide clean water for an entire village.

Feeding the Poor

An untold number of people in India and beyond live in slums – usually without running water, electricity, water or toilets. Our feeding the poor ministry helps us provide food for those who are in need and invest further in their lives. This also gives opportunity for the national missionaries to provide people in the slum with information about health and hygiene. We provide them with gifts of food and health kits and share with them about the greatest gift we have ever received from our father – Jesus Christ our Lord. A small gift of $3 can provide a nutritious hot mean for one.

Sewing Machines

RAN Supported missions work in some of the most difficult and poor places. A lot of women who are part of the church communities work as daily wage laborers. RAN seeks to help these needy women by providing them with some income generating skills and tools and a sewing machine is one of them. This provides the women with an opportunity to start there own small tailoring business. After providing the training we give them a new sewing machine they can start working and earning some income to support their family. You can give a family hope for their future with a donation of $85 as one time gift.

A religion that is pure and undefiled before God the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their affliction and to keep oneself unstained from the world. James 1:27