Your part in winning the unreached…is as significant as that of the missionaries in the field. They are willing to be in the mission field, but they are dependent on the resources given, such as a housing, food, Bibles, and tracts. With generous contributions from the Christians around the world, our brothers and sisters in India will be able to complete the task of taking the Good News to every village and people group in the unreached areas.

Some ways you can Partner with us.

  1. Be a Prayer Partner for the unreached nations. Your prayers are the most important way to support us in this ministry.
  2. Share information about RAN’s vision and mission with Families/Friends/Churches/ Organizations.
  3. Help sponsor missionaries, Church planting work, community development programs, and the children’s home.
  4. Donate books and other resource materials for the RAN Training Center’s library.
  5. Volunteer or send volunteers to assist with mission work, the children’s home, and other relief and community development projects of RAN.